新世纪音乐 New Age

新世纪音乐(英语:New Age music)又译作新纪元音乐,是一种在1970年代后期出现的一种音乐形式,原本的用途在于帮助冥思及作心灵的洁净,但后期的创作者不少已不再抱有这种出发点。有一种说法讲,由于其丰富多彩、富于变换,不同于以前任何一种音乐:它并非单指一个类别,而是一个范畴,一切不同以往,象征时代更替诠释精神内涵的改良音乐都可归于此内,所以被命名为New Age,即新世纪音乐。而提倡这种利用音乐心灵洁净的人,主要源自一个叫作新纪元运动的宗教派别。

New Age music is downtempo music intended to create artistic inspiration, relaxation, and optimism. It is used by listeners for yoga, massage, meditation,and reading as a method of stress management or to create a peaceful atmosphere in their home or other environments, and is often associated with environmentalism and New Age spirituality.
The harmonies in New Age music are generally modal, consonant, or include a drone bass. The melodies are sometimes recordings of nature sounds and used as an introduction to a track or throughout the piece. Pieces of up to thirty minutes are common.
New Age music includes both electronic forms, frequently relying on sustained synth pads or long sequencer-based runs, and acoustic forms, featuring instruments such as flutes, piano, acoustic guitar and a wide variety of non-western acoustic instruments.
Vocal arrangements were initially rare in New Age music but as it has evolved vocals have become more common, especially vocals featuring Native American, Sanskrit, or Tibetan influenced chants, or lyrics based on mythology such as Celtic legends or the realm of Faerie.

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