Colours Of Freedom

《Colours Of Freedom》歌词:
While I'm walking around in my mind
Your image knocks me down and I'm blind by it
No matter how far I move away
I find myself coming back everyday

Oh, just let me go

I know I shouldn't stay
You do have your ways with me
But I want to see the colours of freedom

From you

Maybe in time be my friend
As I try to break from this trend
Maybe it's harder than it sounds
Maybe my hearts still pounds

Oh, just let me go

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  • Releasee

    Releasee2015-09-12 22:04 赞(115) 弱(0)
  • aten

    aten(‘A’)2016-04-19 17:33 赞(102) 弱(0)
    知道不是我一个人听成fxxk you 我就安心了
  • Dorothy

    Dorothy(我还没想好要写什么...)2018-05-07 00:19 赞(52) 弱(0)
    封面不错,本曲是由擅长创作Jazz、Hip Hop、Soul等曲风,有着自然忧郁的气质存在眉宇之间的英国制作人Tom Misch(汤姆·米希)制作的歌曲,演唱者是来自英国的歌手Bearcubs......


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