Forever Now

《Forever Now 》歌词:
Forever now - lyrics

You can see her in the distance
where she walks alone
then you follow her directions
to your second home

The evening grabs us in it’s arms we are bound
we sit and watch the sun moving down
it feels so good to have you around
wish we could stay forever, have forever now

She has charmed you with her gestures
and you’d like to know
why she seduced your inner conscious
where she wants to go

The evening...

We listen to the silence dreaming
memories they take us back
to the day we met and we ran off kissing
Will we ever have this feeling again ?

The evening...

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    11点小姐 她的裙子很低,标准很高。手表调快十分钟,手机永远调震动。钱都放在定存、心都放在冰箱。坐后座也系安全带、感情路上从不擦撞。她总是提早两小时到桃园机场,却晚了十年还没到结婚礼堂。 她自己也知道,忙着避嫌的时候,她可能避掉了自己的人生。
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