Tian Jun Dian Alley 天君殿巷

《Tian Jun Dian Alley 天君殿巷》歌词:
傍晚时分,我和朋友约在天君殿巷的有佳咖啡馆见面,这是一条非常隐蔽的小巷子,巷子很窄,只有两家很小的餐馆,有佳咖啡馆特别惬意 / 我提前到达,站在咖啡馆外面录音 / 咖啡馆开始为客人做饭,陆续有路人穿过这条狭窄的巷子 / 突然下起了小雨,我撑开雨伞,继续聆听这条惬意的巷子里的声音,继续等待朋友们的到来 //

April 1, 2019 / 18:46 / 25.0521520, 102.7005799 / Tian Jun Dian Alley 天君殿巷 / At nightfall, I went to meet my friends at As You Like Café at Tian Jun Dian alley / It was a very hidden alley and bit narrow / There were only two very small restaurants, but the Café was a super cozy place / I arrived early and stood outside the cafe recording the sound / The Cafe staffs began to cook for the guests, and passers walked through the alley one after another / Suddenly it began to rain, I opened my umbrella, continued to listen to the sound of this pleasant alley, and continued to wait for the arrival of friends //

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