Cats And Dogs

《Cats And Dogs》歌词:
September 20, 2018 / 21:34 / In the courtyard outside my bedroom window / Cats and Dogs / One can listen to the same thing many, many times and it will never sound exactly the same / What I mean by this is that each time something is listened to, there will be similarities and constants, but also nuances and disparities unique to that moment in time and the surroundings in which something is heard / I love listening to rain for this reason / Most human beings could instantly recognise the sound of rain, and even describe it to you, and yet it can sound so different / The sound rain makes depends very much on the surroundings you find yourself in when it starts to fall / Some of my favourite recordings are of rain - from the inside of a tent with it hitting the fabric or on a corrugated roof, lashing against a window or a heavy storm with the sound of people running for cover / Every time it rains in the courtyard outside my bedroom window, I like to listen to it / I love the depth in this recording / You can hear the water interacting with all the different surfaces and materials in the courtyard, right in front of the microphone and further away //

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