The Dragon Year

《The Dragon Year》歌词:
Written by:吴卓玲
I know it's the longest night ever to call up the demons
We'll gather from all the houses and flats before the cloud is cleared
I was told this land was going crazy for so many years
We've got minds and legs and all been trapped in the open field
Light up the fire torch
What a happiness
Heading up the mountain top
Waking up the dragon heart
Wall is built for people moiling
When its eyes open then no one is sleeping
Wind it up with cold wind blowing
When the sun is down and storm is coming
The wall is built for moiling
Long and never ending
When the dragon eyes are bleeding
People start fighting
They hear the cold wind blowing
Storm and winter's breathing
When the sun is out and rising
Sky starts burning
I know it will begin



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