Break My Heart

《Break My Heart》歌词:
Break my heart
If you've got to - and you've got to - if you leave me now

Break my heart
I can let you go - I won't fight you, no

Break my heart
If you need to - then you need to - go on walk away

Break my heart
Just don't watch my face - when you leave this place

I remember when I was everything to you
I don't know why it changed

All that love - we gave was from our hearts
And I don't know - why you'd want to

Break my heart
We were so good - good together - but you're free to go

And break my heart
But don't be surprised
If the feeling never dies
And the other heart
The other heart you break is…yours

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    Drying my hair in the summer breeze,
    sex comfort me with a price,
    beers and cigarettes are more loyal


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