Dream Pop  梦幻流行

Dream Pop,顾名思义,就是「如梦般的流行曲」。Dream Pop是八十年代中期于英伦兴起的一种Pop Music,它除了着重动听的旋律之外,也十分注重营造一种飘渺的氛围,乐手努力用Synthesizers(电子合成器)及电结他去炮制一种迷糊的音响质感,音乐部份大多有层层叠加的感觉,而歌者的歌声往往加上了回音,加强那种虚幻感觉,歌词也常常写得抽象而充满诗意。当你觉得世界一团糟糕,一片浑浊,正需要音乐来麻醉与过滤,Dream Pop那虚无与纯粹的声音,可以让心情再次变回蓝色。

在中国,也有具有该风格的艺人。王菲在98年的《唱游》中就做了大量的气声化处理,营造出一种梦幻飘渺的境界,这和王菲欣赏Cocteau Twins并与其在96年的《浮躁》中的合作是密不可分的,而《唱游》也获得了世界十佳Dream Pop专辑。

Dream Pop is a genre characterized by an overall subdued atmosphere - from the vocals to the melodies - producing a dream-like, sleepy, or spacious feel. As the name suggests, songs are structured around traditionally Pop-sounding progressions, often with a steady though de-emphasized beat and vocals that are lower in the mix and possibly run through effects so as to offer a more ethereal feel.

Band structures are usually pretty straightforward sporting a guitar, bass, drums, and vocals. Vocals are a distinguishing element of Dream Pop and can often be viewed predominantly as an instrument, with importance being placed moreso on providing melody and less on the actual lyrics. In addition, it is not uncommon for there to be more than one vocalist, either working in unison or switching off. Females have a very prominent role in this genre in this respect, with acts such as My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, and Mazzy Star - among others - having female vocalists.

It is also not uncommon for Dream Pop to be fused with other genres like Shoegaze or Noise Pop. The main distinguishing factors though are that while they all offer a similar, "blanketing" feel, Dream Pop does not rely on "walls of sound" (as in Shoegaze) or heavily distorted, very driving guitars (as in Noise Pop).




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