Cécile Corbel的艺人档案

中 文 名 塞西尔•科贝尔(或译“赛西儿•柯贝尔”等) 
外 文 名 Cécile Corbel 
国    籍 法国 
星    座 白羊座 
出 生 地 法国菲尼斯泰尔省蓬克鲁瓦市(Pont-Croix, Finistère) 
出生日期 1980年3月28日 
职    业 歌手、竖琴演奏家 
毕业院校 巴黎卢浮宫学院(École du Louvre)
塞西尔•柯贝尔1980年生于法国西北部凯尔特地区的布列塔尼,孩提时代的Cécile Corbel 就跟随着父母游遍了布列塔尼。少女时期她发现并爱上了凯尔特竖琴。 18岁时,Cécile Corbel 去了巴黎学习考古学,但她仍然继续着自己的音乐梦。一场接着一场的酒吧和咖啡厅演出后,她自己制作了自己的第一张专辑《Songbook 1》,之后开始扬名。
2010年吉卜力动画《借东西的小人阿莉埃蒂》的主题曲《Arrietty's song》为Cécile Corbel所演绎,只因她赠送给吉卜力制作人铃木一张CD,这成为她为2010夏公开的《借东西的小人阿莉埃蒂》演唱的契机。擅长多国语言的她,可以使用法语、英语、印度语、布列塔尼语、Gaelic语、西班牙语演唱。这次是她首次挑战用日语演唱。
2011年发行专辑《Songbook Vol. 3: Renaissance》。
2013年发行专辑《Songbook Vol. 4: Roses》。
2014年发行专辑《La Fiancée》。
2015年2月开启"A Summer night" 2015世界巡演。
2016年6月在Brittany开启Summer 2016 Tour。她在官网上透露新专辑将会在10月7日发行。
Life and career
Cécile Corbel (born 28 March 1980, Pont-Croix, Finistère, France) is a French and Breton singer, harpist, and composer. She has released five albums of original music and worked for Studio Ghibli as a composer for its 2010 film, ‘The Borrower Arrietty’.Corbel sings in many languages including French, Italian, Breton, and English and has done songs in German, Spanish, Irish, Turkish, and Japanese. Her lifelong partner is songwriter Simon Caby, who is also her co-composer.
Cécile Corbel was born in Pont-Croix on 28 March 1980. She first performed in pubs and the streets of Paris, and gave her first official concert at the pub, ‘Ti Jos’, in 2002.
In 2005, she released an EP with six tracks, ‘Harpe celtique et chants du monde’. After she signed with the record label Keltia Musique, her first studio album was released in 2006. ‘SongBook’ 1 contained Breton, Welsh, and Irish songs. After this release, she began to go on tour. In 2006, she went to Australia, where she performed at a French festival organized by the Alliance française of Adelaide. She opened Laurent Voulzy's concert at Olympia Hall in Paris, and also shared the stage with Altan, Lúnasa, Alan Stivell, Carlos Núñez Muñoz, Dan Ar Braz, Hélène Flaherty, Ousmane Touré, and Ariana Savall. She performed in many countries including Germany, Switzerland, Italy, England, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Poland, the Netherlands, the United States, Paraguay, and Burma. In 2008, ‘SongBook vol. 2’ was released, with the first 10 of the 12 songs composed by Corbel.
In 2009, she played the role of Anne of Brittany in the rock opera, ‘Anne de Bretagne’. Songwriter Alan Simon chose Cécile Corbel after having difficulty finding someone for the role. Also participating in the project were other musicians such as Tri Yann and Fairport Convention. The show was staged at the end of June 2009 at the Château des ducs de Bretagne in Nantes, and was preceded by an album in which over 200 musicians participated.
After promotion ended for ‘SongBook vol. 2’, Cécile still had some promo albums left, so she sent them to people she admired. She sent one to Studio Ghibli because she had been a fan of their films for years. At the time, ‘The Borrower Arrietty’ was in pre-production and producer Toshio Suzuki wanted a Celtic-inspired film score. Less than ten days later, she received an email from Studio Ghibli about her CD.
In June 2011, the third studio album, ‘SongBook vol. 3 – Renaissance’ was released.
In 2012, Cécile along with her long-time collaborator, Simon Caby were invited to Malaysia to perform at the 11th edition of the French Art and Film Festival 2012 (FAFF 2012) organized by the Alliance Française Kuala Lumpur and the Embassy of France in Malaysia.
In early 2013, Cécile Corbel took part in ‘La Nuit de la Bretagne’, performing along with Dan Ar Braz at the Zeniths of Nantes, Lille, and Caen.
In 2013, Cécile Corbel wrote songs and co-composed (with Fabien Cali) the film score for the wildlife documentary, ‘Land of the Bears’. The soundtrack album was released 26 February 2014 by Polydor Records. Cécile sings five songs on the album. She also sings and plays harp on "Les Nuits Urbaines", the sixth track on Stanislas' album ‘Ma Solitude’, released on 28 April 2014.
On 26 June 2014, Cécile Corbel released a single, "Entendez-Vous", from her upcoming album. Her fifth studio album, ‘La Fiancée’, was released on 6 October 2014. All twelve songs on the album were written by Corbel, with music co-composed by Simon Caby.The album's musical style is a mixture of classical and pop music.
She started "A Summer night" Tour 2015 in June 2015.
On June 26,2016,she started Summer 2016 Tour in Brittany.And sh announced her new album will release in October.

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