Kyte的音乐善于用电子旋律来营造氛围,听上去他们更象是一支Electronic pop乐队,主唱Nick Moon有着梦幻般暖暖的声线.新专辑惯同以往风格,依然是大量的电子音效点缀,稳健的鼓声,精致盈动,配合主唱梦幻柔美的声音,宛如一道靓丽的彩虹,贯穿了乌云密布的天空.这是一支展露着青春锋芒的乐队,带给你自由想象的色彩!

Kyte hail from Leicester, UK, and consist of Ben, Jamie, Nick, Scott and Tom. This is their debut album being released as an Europe Edition (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux and Scandinavia) with eight tracks. Note that the FNT release only have seven tracks and that three months has passed, so i figured i should rip the whole cd as one release incase anyone missed out on them.
This Europe edition is due to come out on the 5th of september and will be released through Erased Tapes Records.It is packaged as a special CD edition in digisleeve including a bonus track,a fold out poster booklet and you will also get a free copy of the Erased Tapes label compilation.
For you who doesnt know, Kyte is a ambient/electronic band that produce beautiful, melodic music. If you are into ambient with a blend of electronic you will love these guys, but if that is the case then you have probably heard all about them already. Enough said, check them out if you haven't already and see them live on their new tour which will start next month. This band wont disappoint you!

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