非典型先锋人物 代表作为华语电音四部曲「大中至正」 被视为创意都高度个人化的天才 二零一七年加盟滚石,已发行过16张概念专辑 4张实体唱片和一本科幻小說 受低限主义启发,邱比以独到的品味自觉觉人 使得他的原创音乐、巡回演唱会屡获荣誉和佳绩 Founded in Taipei in 2013, CHIU PI recorded and released 16 online music albums, 3 physical CD albums and a science fiction. CHIU PI is a versatile musician, long exposed to music, painting, photography, theater, martial arts, dance and body movement training. After join ROKON, CHIU PI change the style to eternal and spirituality. It focuses on the internal state of mind: remain fully open to possibilities. He creates avant-garde music that has an ethereal and introspective style, changing the general perception of electronic music. He evaluates the tensions between nature versus technology, culture versus economics, homogeneity versus pluralism, and re-imagines the future of our human experience in a fantastical, poetic, and magical backdrop.

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