Eliane Elias的艺人档案

身兼钢琴手、歌手与创作者等多重身份,来自巴西圣保罗市的艾莲艾莉亚,自幼接受古典音乐训练,二十多岁时受到Eddie Gomez鼓励开始踏入爵士乐坛,并致力研究巴西音乐,将Antonio Carlos Jobim的作品有系统地重新介绍给乐迷,同时间并与跨界爵士乐小号名家Randy Brecker、爵士乐钢琴巨匠Herbie Hancock等人合作。
by Craig Harris
The classical tradition meets the spontaneity of jazz through the virtuosic playing of Brazil-born and New York-based pianist Eliane Elias. A former member of jazz ensemble Steps Ahead, Elias has continued to explore two distinct musical streams through her solo recordings and her performances for the past decade. In 1993, she became one of the few artists to simultaneously release jazz and classical albums. In a review of a concert in her homeland, Brazzil magazine praised Elias for her dazzling right hand runs, executed often at frightening speeds. Her command of the keyboard was total. Her harmonic sensibility caused a sense of wondermint. Elias inherited her musical talents from her mother, Lucy, a classical pianist who often played jazz records in the family home. After studying for six years at the Free Center of Music Apprenticeship in Sao Paulo, she continued to study classical technique with Amilton Godoy and Amaral Vieria. By her teens, Elias was composing her own pieces and performing in jazz clubs. While touring in Europe in 1981, she met jazz bassist Eddie Gomez and was encouraged to travel to New York. Arriving in the Big Apple the following year, she studied privately with Olegna Fuschi at the Juilliard School of Music. Elias professional career received a boost when she was invited to join Steps Ahead, a jazz supergroup featuring Michael Brecker, Peter Erskine, Mike Manieri, and Eddie Gomez. She recorded one album with the group — Steps Ahead — in 1983. Shortly after leaving Steps Ahead, Elias began collaborating with trumpet player Randy Brecker, whom she subsequently married. Their sole duo album, released in 1985, was named after their daughter Amanda. The following year, Elias launched her career as a bandleader. Since then, shes alternated tours with two different trios, one featuring Jack DeJohnette and Gomez and the other featuring Erskine and Marc Johnson. Elias has also performed with a third trio, featuring Marc Johnson on bass and Satoshi Takeshi on drums. Her 1995 album Solos and Duets featured a brilliantly executed duet with Herbie Hancock. While most of her recordings have been instrumental, Elias introduced her soft but coarse vocals on her 1989 album Eliane Elias Plays Jobim. In addition to working periodically with Toots Thielmans Brasil Project, Elias has served as musical director for Gilberto Gils group.

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