Alan Walker的艺人档案

姓    名 Alan Walker
出 生 地 Norway, Bergen
出生日期 1997-08-24
职    业 电子音乐制作人&DJ
Alan Walker 生于英格兰北安普顿的挪威籍DJ和音乐制作人。
Music Producer, the creator of Fade/Spectre/Force and more. Signed to@NCSounds.
原版《Fade》 网友评论超31万 MV版《Faded》评论超4万。
2016年,他发布了新歌“Sing Me to Sleep”。
Alan Olav Walker, better known by his stage name of Alan Walker (born 24 August 1997) is a British-Norwegian record producer who was born in Northampton, England. He recorded electronic dance music single "Faded" and his song released on NoCopyrightSounds, "Fade".
His song "Fade" gained attention after its release on YouTube via the label NoCopyrightSounds (NCS). "Fade" was then released on a compilation album by NCS called Uplifting.The tracks "Spectre" and "Force" followed in 2015. Walker signed with MER Musikk under Sony Music Sweden and his first single was the track "Faded", a remastered vocal version of "Fade" by Walker and Degandartl (Vlady Bedi), released 4 December 2015 and featuring uncredited female vocalist Iselin Solheim. The song topped both the Norwegian VG-lista singles chart and the Swedish Sverigetopplistan charts, and was a top 10 hit as well in Finland and Denmark, with appearances also on Italian, German, American, English, Dutch and Irish charts. The song was supposedly in production for over a year. There were many delays with the song and the two videos, with Walker apologizing for the snags. After the song and the video were released, they gained worldwide attention. As of 23 June 2016, "Faded" has over 420 million views on YouTube.There is also an instrumental version of the song and as of 10 May 2016 it has little over 3 million views on YouTube.
On 24 May 2016, he released a teaser for his new song "Sing Me to Sleep", with the initialism title "SMTS". A second and third teaser were released during the following days, and the third teaser confirmed the release date of 3 June.

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