Euphonic Traveller

地区: Germany 德国
来自德国慕尼黑的Chill Out、Dance & Electronic、Lounge, Easy Listening艺术家。感性的作品加之放松驰放的旋律,仿佛进入一个高质量音乐梦一般的旅程。
After releasing two lounge/chill out albums on Kosmo Records, Euphonic get’s now a part of the famous Drizzly Loungerie family, home of Lounge Top 55 Deluxe, Simon le Grec, Tiny Tunes, Smooth Deluxe, Aimée Sol, Esteban N Garcia, Night and Day, 351 Lake Shore Drive, Alexander Metzger and many more.
Euphonic Traveller is a lounge, dub, reverb and chill Artist from Munich/Germany. Every release is inspired by a special place which takes you on an inner journey for a perfect moment in time wherever you are.
Euphonic Traveller revealed to us a wonderful 4 track ep/mini album.
“Chillin CA1 Part II” comprised chilled and sensual delightful productions, melodic easy listening for adults. The ep combines relaxing chill out moods with floating lounge sounds.
The album contains “Cabrillo Hwy”, “Pacifica”, “Moro Bay”, “Oceano”.
Be a part of us and join us to a dreamlike journey into quality music.
The creative genius released his tracks on several known compilations and played worldwide in Radioshows such as the Chillout Lounge by Tim Angrave, Mr.Mora`s Med Café, Radio Lounge Moscow, Nightflight (Klassik Radio), Be-utiful by Bruce Hayden, Chilled Excursions by Angelica Houston, Daves Lounge, Ibiza Radio Sonica 95,2, DI FM, Drizzly Loungerie by Faris AL-Hassoni on Sceen.FM and more.
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