Jordan Riddle

地区: Australia 澳大利亚
Geelong’s Jordan Riddle grew up surrounded by a variety of musical influences and experiences. Having music in the family from a young age, forming bands and undertaking different musical ventures, Jordan developed an understanding of how the industry works.
Jordan’s solo music grew from an extended two month trip to The US, it was here that he was inspired to write his first song “California” and then go on to write debut EP, “Beyond The Pines”. Influenced by artists such as City and Colour, Matt Corby and Simon and Garfunkel.
Jordan’s sound is a mixture of heartfelt lyrics and airy falsetto winding through simple guitar where vocals are the main feature and fill the empty space. With catchy melodies, honest lyrics and a hauntingly beautiful voice Jordan creates an ambience that is hard to beat.
“Jordan has a voice like honey” – Bob Evans (Kevin Mitchell)
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