Giovanni Marradi

地区: Italy 意大利
乔瓦尼 (Giovanni Marradi) 出生在意大利,5岁开始步其父亲后尘练习音乐演奏,8岁开始学作曲。现在已成为世界著名的NEW AGE音乐作曲家和钢琴家。Giovanni 的钢琴音乐犹如清晨荷花上的露珠,晶莹、透明;有时又象森林深处夜莺的私语,饱含不食人间烟火的凄美。聆听Giovanni的音乐 你会觉得是在读一首首的抒情诗,又象在欣赏一幅幅的风景画。
Giovanni is one of the most successful expressionist pianists of the 21st Century. (Composer, recording artist, arranger, performer, inventor and cartoonist.) One hundred twenty thousand CDs sold in one 120 minute segment on QVC! A record that still stands as one of Giovanni’s outstanding achievements. Selling over four million CD' s during his appear ances on QVC and The Home Shopping Network alone.
Giovanni also produced, directed and hosted &Giovanni's World of Music& A 28 TV series Broadcast on stations around the world & Distributed by “ Warner Brothers Television ”
Both &Giovanni's World of Music& and Giovanni himself have been nominated for and received several awards from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.
The Telly Awards, EMA and the New York Festivals His Specials on PBS are still being aired. Giovanni has recorded over 150 CD’s and two DVD’s from his TV Specials. Today he continues to compose, teach, record and perform for audiences around the world.
While in Las Vegas, Giovanni developed a close friendship with Frank Sinatra that lasted until his death. One day Frank asked me what I wanted out of life. I told him that I wanted to touch people’s hearts as he does. He looked straight at me and said, “ I know that you'll do it . ” I can see it in your eyes. &
Giovanni’s music is on all the popular downloads (i.e.: ITunes, Amazon, etc) as well his Holiday Music as a APP in 2010.
Giovanni’s Roll-Out Keyboard was the Christmas delight for two years. The keyboard is a portable Roll- Up Keyboard that is compact enough to take just about anywhere.
Along with the Gini keyboard, Giovanni invented an easy to learn system called the &Gini Method™& that consisted of an overlay for the piano keys to teach beginners the fundamentals of the piano, included with the Giovanni Roll-out Keyboard.
The results were phenomenal which translated to worldwide sales that sold out the offered package within two weeks.
It was a natural progression, since Giovanni maintains teaching piano for the past 20 years to a limited number of students a year, to perfect the new “Gini Alphabet Method™” with the Alphabet Road Map for his students to learn quickly and progress to being able to read music and play the piano in a short period of time.
The new K-1 “ Gini Alphabet Method™ guarantees the student or anyone the ability to read music and play the piano / keyboard instantly with gratification of accomplishment.
Giovanni will release the new K-1 Gini Keyboard along with an 18 educational music books “ Gini Alphabet Method “ in 2013.
The New 2013 “ Gini Alphabet Method “ version will revolutionize the way music and piano is taught making it Fun and Easy for anyone that can read the alphabet to instantly read music and play a the piano.
Giovanni has recorded over 150 CD’s and produced over 30 PBS Specials …. Today he continues to compose, teach his students, record and perform for audiences around the world.
Giovanni is currently recording a new CD and is scheduled to be filming his next Televisi on Special in 2013.
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