The Raconteurs

地区: 欧美
风格: 车库摇滚复兴 Garage Rock Revival, 独立摇滚 Indie Rock
“在一个炎热的夏天,两个好朋友Jack White和Brendan Benson在一间阁楼里写了一首给了他们灵感的歌曲。这首歌就是"Steady, As She Goes",他们决定组建一个正式的乐队,于是他们拉来了Jack Lawrence和Patrick Keeler。”
现在我们来看看他们的关系。Jack White是底特律着名两人乐队The White Stripes的主唱;Brendan Benson也是底特律的一个有名歌手,同时还是辛辛那提一个摇滚乐队The Greenhornes的制作人,而Jack Lawrence和Patrick Keeler又是这个The Greenhornes乐队的两名成员。四人同属于美国的V2 Records公司,这也为他们的合作提供了方便。
2005年,四人组建了这个The Raconteurs,并且在四个人都有空的时候才能聚到一起写歌排练。在这个新组建的乐队里,Jack White和Brendan Benson均担任主唱、吉他和键盘,另两人Jack Lawrence负责贝斯,Patrick Keeler负责敲鼓。乐队的歌曲没有The White Stripes的尖锐主题,但The Raconteurs无论在哪里都穿上花格子的苏格兰式上衣,他们演出舞台的布置以及拍摄的MTV,主要的色调都游离在棕色,褐色,卡其色之间。
by Heather PharesA self-described "new band made up of old friends," the Raconteurs feature the White Stripes' Jack White and power pop maestro Brendan Benson on vocals, keyboards, and guitars, and the Greenhornes' drummer Patrick Keeler and bassist Jack Lawrence as the group's rhythm section. The idea for the band began when Benson and White collaborated on the song "Steady, as She Goes," which later became the Raconteurs' debut single. When the duo drafted Keeler and Lawrence, they became a full-fledged band. Recording together at Benson's East Grand Studio whenever they were available from their other projects, the Raconteurs recorded their debut album, Broken Boy Soldiers, over the span of a year and released it in spring 2006 to middling reviews but a Top Ten place on Billboard's album charts. That year, the band also relocated to Nashville and worked on another batch of songs in between touring and dates at festivals such as Lollapalooza.
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    在一个炎热的夏天,两个好基♂友Jack White和Brendan Benson在一间阁楼里写了一首给了他们灵感的歌曲。。。


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