Simian Mobile Disco

地区: United Kingdom 英国
风格: 另类舞曲 Alternative Dance, 科技舞曲 Techno, 浩室舞曲 House, 电科技舞曲 Electro-Techno
Consisting of remixers/producers James Ford and James Shaw, Simian Mobile Disco grew out of the experimental electronic rock band Simian. They had originally formed Simian in the late '90s with singer Simon Lord and Alex MacNaughton in England. Not content with their roles in the band and wishing to indulge their long-time interest in electronic dance and party music, the two latched onto DJ gigs while touring with the band. Eventually the duo split from Simian and dubbed themselves Simian Mobile Disco. Looking to prevent their own electronic dance tracks from sounding too polished and programmed, SMD exclusively used analog equipment. The result was Attack Decay Sustain Release, out June 2007 through Wichita. Ford has also allowed time for production duties with Mystery Jets, Klaxons, and Arctic Monkeys.
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