Lana Del Rey拉娜·德雷 / Elizabeth Grant / ラナ・デル・レイ

地区: United States of America 美国
风格: 欧美流行 Western Pop, 梦幻流行 Dream Pop, 神游舞曲 Trip Hop, 独立流行 Indie Pop
姓    名:Lana Del Rey拉娜德雷
别    名:打雷姐、拉拉打雷
国    籍:美国
星    座:双子座
出 生 地:美国纽约普莱西德湖
职    业:歌手、词曲创作者、模特
经纪公司:Interscope Records
2011年6月,拉娜签约Stranger Records,发行了出道单曲《Video Games》,被报刊杂志《卫报》称为2011年年度最佳单曲。
2012年1月27日,拉娜发行首张专辑《Born To Die》,登上美国公告牌200强专辑榜第二名,在爱尔兰和法国取得白金唱片;2月22日,获得第32届全英音乐奖国际最佳女歌手奖;9月20日,发行单曲《Blue Velvet》;11月13日,发行专辑《Born to Die》的改版专辑《Born to Die:The Paradise Edition》,收录23首作品。
2013年2月20日,拉娜获得了第33届全英音乐奖国际最佳女歌手奖;4月至6月,举行欧洲巡回演唱会;6月16日,发行单曲《Breaking My Heart》;8月8日,推出单曲《Behind Closed Doors》;12月,推出微电影《Tropico》。
2014年2月,拉娜凭借歌曲《Summertime Sadness》获得第56届格莱美年度混音奖;4月14日,公开第三张专辑《Ultraviolence》的主打曲《西海岸》音源;5月12日,公布专辑《Ultraviolence》的封面,收录14首歌曲。
Elizabeth Woolridge Grant (born June 21, 1985), known by her stage name Lana Del Rey, is an American singer-songwriter. Del Rey started songwriting at the age of 18 and signed her first recording contract with 5 Points Records in 2007, releasing her first digital album Lana Del Ray in January 2010. Del Rey bought herself out of the contract with 5 Points Records in April 2010. She signed a joint contract with Interscope, Polydor, and Stranger Records in July 2011.
Del Rey released her second studio album Born to Die in January 2012. It debuted at number two on the U.S. Billboard 200, and was the fifth best-selling album of 2012. A remix of its fifth single "Summertime Sadness", produced by Cedric Gervais, became her highest-charting track on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 after peaking at number six in the country. Del Rey released her third extended play Paradise that November; three of its tracks were featured in her short film Tropico, which was premiered in December. Her third studio album Ultraviolence was released in June 2014 and debuted as number one on the Billboard 200.
Del Rey's music has been noted for its cinematic sound and its references to various aspects of pop culture, particularly that of the 1950s and 1960s Americana. The singer has described herself as a "gangsta Nancy Sinatra". Musically, she draws influence from what she deems to be the masters of each genre, including Elvis Presley, Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin, Nirvana, Eminem, Bruce Springsteen, and Britney Spears, as well as from poetry and film noir.
On July 14, 2015, Del Rey released "Honeymoon", the first and title track from the album.She revealed that the album would contain fourteen tracks, describing the songs with "a muddy trap energy and some inspired by late-night Miles Davis drives".On August 4, 2015, Del Rey revealed the first single "High by the Beach", which was released on August 10, 2015. On August 4, 2015, The Weeknd also revealed the track listing for his upcoming second studio album Beauty Behind the Madness which features a collaboration with Del Rey entitled "Prisoner".
In October 2015, Del Rey announced that she has early thoughts about the material for her new record.Del Rey stated that she wants the upcoming record to have a "pop-friendly" and "New York style" sound,and to be a little harder, faster, more upbeat, and less dreamy.
In January 2016, Del Rey was nominated with the "Favorite Female Artist" award at the People's Choice Awards, and she also received a BRIT Award nomination for International Female Solo Artist, her third nomination in the category and fourth overall.In March 2016, Del Rey began announcing festival dates for Europe, Canada, and the United States to promote Honeymoon.She also officially revealed that she's begun working on her fifth studio album, just six months after releasing her fourth. It has been claimed that one of the producers for the album is Justin Parker.
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