Two Steps From Hell

地区: United States of America 美国
风格: 新古典主义音乐 Neoclassicism Music, 电影原声 Film Score, 史诗片配乐 Epic Score
团队名称:Two Steps From Hell地狱咫尺
总部地点:Los Angels,California
Two Steps From Hell,主创人员是 Thomas Bergersen(托马斯·伯格森)和Nick Phoenix(尼克·菲尼克斯)。托马斯的音乐刚柔并济,特别擅长柔中带刚,Female Vocal是托马斯的招牌,他的个人Solo专辑Nemesis无与伦比、震撼人心!
NickPhoenix(尼克·菲尼克斯),音频界著名的领军人物,很多专业的音频合成师、作曲家、音频导演对这个名字应该非常熟悉,因为他是著名的East West音色出品公司的两位创始人之一。他们的音乐大气恢宏,擅长史诗、动作、黑暗、恐怖、戏剧、喜剧等。
关于Two Steps From Hell的中文译名,国内网络上有“两步逃离地狱”、“逃出生天”、“逃陷地狱”、“地狱边缘”、“地狱咫尺”等诸多译名,但官方没有正式给出中文译名,在此不做统一。
Two Steps From Hell主要的预告片配乐作品里比较有名的包括《香水:一个杀人犯的故事》、《血钻》、《勇敢的人》、《老无所依》、《星尘》、《国家宝藏》、《生化危机》、《黑暗物质:黄金罗盘》、《史前一万年》、《霍顿与无名氏》、《少年汉尼拔》、《达芬奇密码》、《1408幻影凶间》、《我是传奇》、《加勒比海盗3》、《通天塔》、《理发师陶德》、《X战警3》、《刺杀神枪侠》、《蜘蛛侠3》、《心灵传输者》、《木乃伊3》、《哈利波特5》、《地狱男爵2》、《贝奥武夫》、《Wall-E》、《夺宝奇兵4》、《神奇绿巨人》、《纳尼亚传奇2》、《蝙蝠侠:暗夜骑士》、《暮光之城》、《圣安娜奇迹》、《澳大利亚》、《小鼠侠》、《墨水心》、《星舰迷航》等。很多好莱坞电影预告片音乐都是他们的作品,包括2009年上映的的《2012》。看看这些作品就知道,这是一个实力超强的公司。同时,他们也把配乐作品挑选集结成专辑发行。其中许多曲子你听了都会有似曾相识的感觉。他们的音乐也被用在电子游戏之中,如《质量效应2》、《龙腾世纪:起源》等,在电影《纳尼亚传奇3:黎明踏浪号》、《阿凡达:特别版》预告片中,我们同样能听到来自Two Steps From Hell的配乐。
2012年,他们的音乐作品《Heart of Courage》入选为2012年斯诺克英锦赛背景音乐之一。
2014年,他们的音乐作品《Heart of Courage》入选为2014年世界斯诺克大师赛背景音乐之一。同年4月,该作品又一次被选为斯诺克世锦赛背景音乐。
2015年4月发行原声带“Battlecry”,6月发行精选集《Classics, Vol. 2》。
Two Steps from Hell was founded in 2006 when Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix joined forces to write original music for movie trailers. Bergersen moved from Trondheim, Norway to the United States in 2003, along with Phoenix, who began composing in 1997, before moving to Los Angeles. The two formed the company in early 2006, and have composed music for over 1,000 major motion picture trailers.
Two Steps from Hell mainly produces trailer music and Epic Music, although recently it has also been used for television shows and video games.
Despite the company finding success for its music, the tracks were never officially released to the public until the May 2010 release of the commercial album Invincible. In addition to approaching Gold record status, Invincible became the first of several such albums to chart in the iTunes Top 100 Soundtracks.As of July 2014, Two Steps from Hell has published 8 public albums in addition to 20 demonstration albums, with almost 1,000 unique tracks in total.
The album, Sun, which was released on September 30, 2014, is the second solo album from Thomas Bergersen. Preview tracks were released from the album, titled Cry and Sun, the former of which can be downloaded from Bergersen's official website.An official music video for "Sun" was also released on YouTube,preceding the announcement of a signed limited deluxe edition CD release set to include additional tracks and notes from Thomas, as well as a large-size poster featuring his artwork.
Additionally, in July 2014 Two Steps from Hell released an e-book known as Colin Frake on Fire Mountain, which features a 75,000-word novel written by Nick Phoenix with illustrations by Otto Bjornik, as well as an original score also made available via a soundtrack release.
Two Steps from Hell's main graphic artist is Steven Gilmore,who has created album covers for almost every promotional and public release, including the logo of the company, with the only exception being the 2009 DVD release of their library, for which the album cover was created by Paul Zeaiter. Additionally, Thomas Bergersen's Illusions solo album features design by Jesper Krijgsman,while its sequel, Sun, features artwork created by Thomas himself.
Public albums
Invincible (2010) — Compilation of some of the most popular Two Steps from Hell tracks. Also available on ExtremeMusic.
Illusions (2011) — Thomas Bergersen solo album, formerly titled Nemesis II. Also available on ExtremeMusic.
Archangel (2011) — Compilation of more of the most popular Two Steps from Hell tracks.
Demon's Dance (2012) — Compilation of tracks from various albums spanning multiple genres, available only on the Two Steps from Hell app for iOS and Android.
Halloween (2012) — Compilation of well-known horror tracks from several demonstration albums, with several other-genre tracks as well.
SkyWorld (2012) — First public album to use mostly all-new tracks. Expanded version available on ExtremeMusic.
Classics Volume One (2013) — Compilation of previously unreleased tracks in the same vein as Invincible and Archangel. First public album available in lossless audio. Expanded version available on ExtremeMusic.
Speed of Sound (2013) — Nick Phoenix album. All-new tracks. Also available on ExtremeMusic.
Miracles (2014) — An epic drama/emotional album with the best of Illumina, Dreams & Imaginations, Two Steps From Heaven, and a few new tracks composed by Thomas Bergersen.
Colin Frake on Fire Mountain (2014) — Soundtrack for an e-book penned by Nick Phoenix. Composed by Thomas Bergersen with additional music by Nick Phoenix.
Sun (2014) — All new tracks by Thomas Bergersen. Follow-up to Illusions. Also available on ExtremeMusic.
Battlecry (2015) — Public Album; "ultra epic" follow-up to SkyWorld and the first public album to be released on two discs. Also available on ExtremeMusic.
Legacy (2015) — Japan-exclusive album featuring compiled tracks from previous public albums.
Classics Volume Two (2015) — Compilation of new and previously unreleased tracks.
Demonstration albums
Volume One (2006) — First album, featuring various genres
Shadows and Nightmares (2006) — Horror genre album, along with a sound effects library
Dynasty (2007) — Epic genre album
All Drums Go to Hell (2007) — Heavily percussion-oriented album
Pathogen (2007) — Epic futuristic metal album mostly composed by Nick Phoenix
Nemesis (2007) — Epic genre album mostly composed by Thomas Bergersen
Dreams & Imaginations (2008) — New Age album
Legend (2008) — Epic genre album, with some tracks composed by Troels Folmann
Ashes (2008) — Horror genre album
The Devil Wears Nada (2009) — Mostly light and humorous album
Power of Darkness (2010) — Epic genre album
All Drones Go to Hell (2010) — New Age album; also known as Mystical Beginnings.
Illumina (2010) — New Age album
Balls to the Wall (2011) — Percussion album, with some tracks composed by Alex Pfeffer.
Nero (2011) — Epic genre album, with some tracks composed by Alex Pfeffer.
Two Steps from Heaven (2012) — Pet project of Thomas Bergersen, featuring inspiring, emotional, and adventurous music.
Burn (2012) — A small collection of eight dubstep remixed tracks.
Cyanide (2013) — Percussion album
Crime Lab (2013) — electronic industrial album
Open Conspiracy (2014) — Electronic Hybrid album composed by Hitesh Ceon, Nick Pittsinger, Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix.
Amaria (2014) — new age/drama album composed by Thomas Bergersen.
Too Big to Fail (2014) — Sound effects library / Trailer toolkit.
Empire (2015) — Industry Album. Mostly consists of tracks from Classics Volume Two composed by Nick Phoenix.
Stronger Faster Braver (2015) — Subtitled as "Extreme Sports Music". Motivational, energetic and driving compositions.
Other albums
There are a number of albums made by other composers from the company, which are not considered part of the primary library and are consequently not represented on official Two Steps from Hell resources. They include:
Sinners (2011) — Electronic metal album composed by Aleksandar Dimitrijevic
Faction (2012) — Dark drones and soundscapes. Putative author is "Brad Rue", as shown on ExtremeMusic.com.
Solaris (2013) — Epic futuristic metal album, actually composed by Alex Pfeffer, who had previously contributed several tracks to the "Nero" album.
Orion (2013) — Short epic hybrid album composed by Michał Cielecki.
Quarantine (2014) — Sci-fi electronica album composed by Brad Rue.
Additionally, composer Troels Folmann contributed a number of tracks to the industry albums Dynasty, Dreams & Imaginations, and Legend, though he was credited only for the latter. 
Classics, Vol. 2(2015)
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