Wynton Kelly温顿·凯利

地区: United States of America 美国
风格: 硬波普 Hard Bop
Wynton Kelly是一位带着浓厚蓝调的乐手,总是将有点黏又不会太黏的弹奏方式加到swing里头, 弹到高亢时会总是拖慢速度,慢个半拍,令人不由自主的掉入他所设的陷阱之中,即兴时也不拖泥带水,短短的,却又令人印象深刻。 曾任Miles Davis〈小喇吧手〉所组的乐团钢琴手,也和当代音乐大师Bill Evans合作,是一位在爵士乐坛占有一席之地的乐手。 Light my fire是一首非常轻快的曲子,不是艰涩难懂的曲子,听了会有翩翩起舞的感觉,不由自主的掉进音乐的漩涡里头, 仔细聆听曲子时会发现同样的旋律一再的出现,即使到即兴时也还有相似的味道, 并且听到蓝调音阶及大量的颤音,并且仅只使用了三种乐器--钢琴、鼓、BASS,也就是所谓的三重奏, 听曲子,不由的也感受到Wynton Ke的喜悦,听音乐吧!
by Scott Yanow
A superb accompanist loved by Miles Davis and Cannonball Adderley, Wynton Kelly was also a distinctive soloist who decades later would be a strong influence on Benny Green. He grew up in Brooklyn and early on played in R&B bands led by Eddie Cleanhead Vinson, Hal Singer, and Eddie Lockjaw Davis. Kelly, who recorded 14 titles for Blue Note in a trio (1951), worked with Dinah Washington, Dizzy Gillespie, and Lester Young during 1951-1952. After serving in the military, he made a strong impression with Washington (1955-1957), Charles Mingus (1956-1957), and the Dizzy Gillespie big band (1957), but he would be most famous for his stint with Miles Davis (1959-1963), recording such albums with Miles as Kind of Blue, At the Blackhawk, and Someday My Prince Will Come. When he left Davis, Kelly took the rest of the rhythm section (bassist Paul Chambers and drummer Jimmy Cobb) with him to form his trio. The group actually sounded at its best backing Wes Montgomery. Before his early death, Kelly recorded as a leader for Blue Note, Riverside, Vee-Jay, Verve, and Milestone.
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