Metal Galaxy


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语种: 英语
唱片公司: Ear Music
发行时间: 2019年10月11日
专辑类别: 录音室专辑
Metal Galaxy

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BABYMETAL专辑介绍:Japanese pop metal act BABYMETAL will release its third album, "Metal Galaxy", on October 11 via earMUSIC/Edel. The follow-up to 2016's "Metal Resistance" is based on the concept of "The Odyssey Of Metal Galaxy".

"Metal Galaxy" contains 14 songs, including include the four singles that have been released over the course of the last few months: "Pa Pa Ya!!", "Starlight", "Distortion" and "Elevator Girl". The album expresses light and darkness, emotions like duality and ambivalence, and "new metal" created by various chemical reactions as other entities evolved and expanded in this album.

Just like the sun and the moon changes the appearance of this world with its daylight and moonlight, with evermore new type of various sound, BABYMETAL's music paints the metal galaxy in different colors.

The album includes five songs that feature guest appearances from worldwide musicians who were perfect to the character of each song.

Guitarist Tak Matsumoto from B'Z is featured on "Da Da Dance". Vocalist Joakim Brodén from SABATON is featured on "Oh! Majinai". Guitarist Tim Henson and Scott LePage from POLYPHIA are featured on "Brand New Day". Vocalist Alissa White-Gluz from ARCH ENEMY is featured on "Distortion". Rapper F.Hero is featured in "Pa Pa Ya!!" The guest musicians add more colors to the odyssey of the metal galaxy.

"Metal Resistance" debuted at No. 15 on the official U.K. chart, the highest rank for a Japanese artist in recorded history. The album was very well-received in all other territories as well, including another record-breaking position for a Japanese artist in the U.S. with a No. 39 position on the Billboard chart.

Last fall, BABYMETAL digitally released a new song called "Starlight". It marked the rebirth of the band in which Su-Metal and Moametal form the core.

BABYMETAL spent all of 2018 touring without Yuimetal, who was formerly one of the members of the group's core trio. She later exited the band, explaining in a statement that she would go on to pursue a solo career as Mizuno Yu.

Over the last few years, BABYMETAL has established itself as the most globally successful J-pop group of the past decade.

The band describes itself as kawaii metal, kawaii meaning "cute" in Japanese.

BABYMETAL will embark on a fall 2019 U.S. headlining tour in support of its upcoming album. The band's first-ever full-scale headlining U.S. tour will kick off on September 4 in Orlando, Florida, and run through an October 16 in Seattle, Washington. The trek includes the previously announced October 11 gig at The Forum in Los Angeles, which will mark BABYMETAL's first headlining arena show in the States.

Support on the BABYMETAL tour through the October 4 show in San Francisco will come from the Swedish metal band AVATAR. The last two dates will feature THE H as opening act.



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  • 崔艾迪

    崔艾迪(大龄极端男青年)2019-10-12 10:05 赞(49) 弱(0)
    撸完全砖简直吹爆!这哪里是 BabyMetal,简直是 WorldMetal !更是老少皆宜、白雪巴人 Metal !

    前卫器乐 Trap
    BMTH 味儿金属

  • 闪兔

    闪兔(虾米用来听死旋黑敲核)2019-10-11 01:17 赞(21) 弱(0)
  • D×Change

    D×Change2019-10-12 19:34 赞(14) 弱(0)
    其实这就是BABYMETAL!前两专同样有融合SKA的 YAVA,雷鬼的4之歌,HipHop和Club的iine,Dubstep的 UkiUkiMidnight,民谣跟Trance Core的女狐,硬核KARATE,工业金属Awadama Fever,民谣金属Meta Taro,March搭配碾核的GJ!鞭鞑金属的给我巧克力,Numetal的撒娇大作战,Djent的恶魔轮舞曲,力量金属的IDZ!前卫金属的The One。我现在感觉团如其名,不是因为当年的萝莉形象了,而是歌曲上像婴儿好奇探索尝试,不过这次比上一次一些歌曲上的风格融合比例里重金少了一点,音乐跟着成长了,更加面向全球


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