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艺人: Karen Souza
语种: 英语
唱片公司: Music Brokers
发行时间: 2011年03月01日
专辑类别: 录音室专辑
专辑风格: 爵士 Jazz, 拉美音乐 Latin American Music

我的评价: 很差 较差 还行 推荐 力荐

Karen Souza专辑介绍:
Genre: Jazz / Chillout

The concept of pop classics set to jazz beats and instrumental arrangements has been popularized by the famed series known by the name of its first volume Jazz and 80s. Comprised of three volumes of 80s classics as well as one each dedicated to smooth version of hits from the 70s and 90s, these albums have generated a fan base from a number of countries and age groups.

It is now our pleasure to offer the public the chance to attend live performances of this repertoire by the serie's most acclaimed vocalist, Karen Souza. Karen is the leader of a quartet that takes us back in time to an age when swing was king. As a member of the Cooltrane Quartet, she and her bandmembers breathe life into mythical hits that take on new meaning when accompanied by live jazz musicians. They also present new material developed by Karen and throw in the occasional jazz standard to keep the crowd guessing.

The Cooltrane Quartet is made up of three musicians whose instrumental accompaniment provide the perfect background to Karen's luscious singing. Together the quartet provides subtle and fresh interpretations of these much loved tracks. They are also prone to the occasional improvisation, as is so often the case with jazz artists, which lends a unique touch to each of their performances.



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