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艺人: Two Steps From Hell
语种: 其他
唱片公司: Two Steps From Hell
发行时间: 2010年05月27日
专辑类别: 精选集
专辑风格: 现代古典 Modern Classical, 原声 Soundtrack, 合唱团 Choral

我的评价: 很差 较差 还行 推荐 力荐

Two Steps From Hell专辑介绍:
在乐迷翘首以盼之下, Two Steps From Hell的新专辑终于重磅出击! 专辑囊括了最热门的超级大片预告背景乐, 其中包括《星际迷航》《波斯王子》《暮光》《加勒比海盗4》《机器人瓦力》…… 还有更多惊喜, 只等你来发现! (by 虾米)

This long awaited album of all the most popular movie trailers for the biggest blockbuster in there, including Star Trek, Prince of Persia, and the Twilight, Pirates of the Caribbean in 2010, Wall-E and many more tracks!
disc 1
1 Freedom Fighters From: Legend
2 Heart of Courage From: Legend
3 Master of Shadows Nick Phoenix From: Power of Darkness
4 Moving Mountains From: Nemesis
5 Am I Not Human Nick Phoenix From: Nero
6 Enigmatic Soul From: Nemesis
7 Fire Nation Nick Phoenix From: Power of Darkness
8 Black Blade From: Power of Darkness
9 Super Strength Nick Phoenix From: Volume One
10 Invincible MV From: Power of Darkness
11 False King Thomas Bergersen;Nick Phoenix From: Nemesis
12 Hypnotica From: Legend
13 Fill My Heart From: Legend
14 Protectors of the Earth MV From: Legend
15 Velocitron Nick Phoenix From: Power of Darkness
16 Undying Love From: Legend
17 1000 Ships of the Underworld Nick Phoenix From: Dynasty
18 Tristan From: Nemesis
19 Breath of Ran Gor Nick Phoenix From: Dynasty
20 Infinite Legends Nick Phoenix From: Legend
21 To Glory MV From: Nero
22 After The Fall MV From: The Devil Wears Nada 254396  



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