源声谱: 上海 | 秋天


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艺人: Bivouac Recording
语种: 国语
发行时间: 2019年04月29日
专辑类别: 录音室专辑
专辑风格: 自然采样 Field Recordings
源声谱: 上海 | 秋天

我的评价: 很差 较差 还行 推荐 力荐

Bivouac Recording专辑介绍:源声谱:上海 | 秋天











RePlacement Soundscapes: Shanghai | Spring

Daily Soundscapes for you.

Replacement Soundscapes change your immediate sonic environment with natural, localized sounds to enhance the mood and well being of your surrounding environment. These recordings are from the Fengxian District just south of the Shanghai city proper.

To read more about this project please see below:

Our working lives have many distractions. Replacement Soundscapes offer an immersive, non-invasive solution that essentially 're-places' you into another location. Research has found that listening to natural soundscapes relieves stress, enhances focus, and inspires creativity- all desirable qualities in places of work. While these specific results differ with each individual, listening to natural soundscapes can enhance the overall mood and well being of a work environment.

What's more, listening to familiar soundscapes enables one to easily connect with and integrate it within their own surroundings making it even more effective. Replacement Soundscapes are recorded in areas surrounding the listeners location to ensure this connection.

More than just nondescript looped audio from a generic app, the recordings may contain typical sounds of the recording locations including: industry, cars, farming, boats, people, birds, plants, trees, weather, seasons, and plane flybys. These sounds not only enhance the perception of the soundscapes but also the connection people have with the soundscapes owing to familiar sounds they hear every day and that they have heard for their entire lives.

This collection of Replacement Soundscape recordings are 'localized' meaning that they are specific to the people who live in and around Shanghai, but the unique style and soothing natural sounds allow anyone to connect to the soundscapes wherever they live.

Hundreds of Replacement Soundscapes will ensure that you have a dynamic and unique experience every day of the year.

Recorded over the course of at least one year, the Replacement Soundscapes also capture the seasonal changes of nature, wildlife, and the human interactions with it. Every season has its own collection of soundscapes and are meant to be played in a random or 'shuffled' order.

While these soundscapes can be listened to at any time, the soundscapes selected are only from the daytime and so are ideally meant to be listened to during the day, at your place of work or home.

The audio is recorded with small recorders that are hidden for 24 hours at every location of which only the 12 daytime hours are used.

There is little or no editing of the content of the recordings and the volume of every soundscape is equalized so that you do not have to adjust your volume between each track.

Bigger Picture.
As well as being a relaxing collection of sounds, these recordings also serve as a document of the current soundscape of Fengxian and its natural development over time. I also hope that these recordings encourage people to go on an adventure to explore Fengxian or the area where they live.

The use of Xiami allows us to upload new sounds directly to your monthly mix as soon as possible so that you will always have the most current soundscapes. Also we have found that Xiami just sounds better and is easier to use than other music player apps for both artists and listeners.

In the future, we are planning to create more Replacement Soundscapes for other cities.

I hope these soundscapes encourage you to listen to your own surroundings and realize the beauty beyond what you see.



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