None Of The Above


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艺人: William Gray
语种: 英语
唱片公司: 独立发行
发行时间: 2009年05月02日
专辑类别: 录音室专辑
专辑风格: 民谣流行 Folk Pop, 另类唱作人 Alternative Singer-Songwriter, 独立民谣 Indie Folk
None Of The Above

我的评价: 很差 较差 还行 推荐 力荐

William Gray专辑介绍:

'None Of The Above' was released in May 2009 and tracks from the album were played on BBC radio. Gray also performed a live session for the BBC as well as giving an interview. 

Reaction to the album was extremely positive with reviewers drawing favourable comparisons with the likes of Elliott Smith, Bon Iver, Badly Drawn Boy and Damon Albarn. 

“A very cool mini album - self reflective, calm and poignant all at the same time - make sure you give it a chance - perhaps a cult following will ensue!” 

Chris Watson - Glasswerk 

“There’s sonic diversity, strong melodies, intelligent lyrics and performances that showcase Gray’s smooth vocal quality and range. In short, I’m hearing potential to go much further.” 

Tony Porter - Shakenstir 

“The voice and writing may bind the package but the contents are as intriguing as they are variant. ‘None Of The Above’ is both a tuneful and eclectic mix.” 

Andrew Lockwood - All Gigs 

“Self-written and self-produced, the debut mini album by William Gray is a real gem. This is quite an achievement bearing in mind it is increasingly difficult to find something original from the singer/songwriter scene." 

Jonathan Leonard - Leonard’s Lair 

"A charming mix of appealing instrumentation fueling the leftfield scenario." 

Mandy Williams - Subba Cultcha 

"It's clear that this is the eclectic and idiosyncratic ramblings of an effortlessly talented songwriter." 

Rob Paul Chapman - Vibrations Magazine 

"Laced with oddities and unusual qualities None Of The Above is a treasure with melancholic and artistic lyrics that allow space for enthused imagery of the weird and wonderful." 

Ben Barltrop - No Title Magazine 

"None Of The Above is a very solid debut and its experimental nature is welcoming rather than being tailored to fans of something more obscure. It paves the way for Gray to pursue a number of different styles for his next release." 

Adam Brown - Stereoboard 

None Of The Above was also voted one of Vibrations Magazine's favourite albums of 2010: 

"Bloke + Acoustic Guitar is hardly an exciting combination of thrilling ingredients, but it's what you do with the ingredients that counts. Here, William Gray serves up a menu of diversity and imagination that will nourish the heartiest appetite. 

The songs ebb and flow through a myriad of emotional states emphasised by Gray's charming delivery. 'Stop The Rot' is as slight as it is gorgeous, 'Like Orange Juice On A Newly Pierced Tongue' a beautiful piece of imagery, while 'Freaky Dreams' is just plain odd. Each track offers something intriguing with minimum effort. Delightful" 

Rob Paul Chapman




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