冷酷仙境 2005 Live


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艺人: 冷酷仙境
语种: 国语
唱片公司: 独立发行
发行时间: 2005年02月01日
专辑类别: 现场专辑
冷酷仙境 2005 Live

我的评价: 很差 较差 还行 推荐 力荐





For Cold Fairyland fans who were only familiar with the band’s recorded work, the power of this live CD came as a complete surprise. From the opening notes of the darkly majestic “Mirror Theater” to the brilliant climax of “Waiting for Farewell”, these CFL classics are transformed by a special fire that can only be captured in the crucible of the live stage. Recorded live in Shanghai at the ARK Music Club in 2005,. the songs on this album span the bands’ entire existence. The afore mentioned magical “Mirror Theater” and beguiling “Waiting for Farewell” are from the first CD, “Flying Over the City”. The infectious “Paris Cat”, the high flying “Glass Cutter”, the chilling “A Desperate Flower in Your Hand”, and the macabre titled “Dead Children In Newspapers” from the second CD, Kingdom of Benevolent Strangers. The programatic and evocative “The Flood”, and the enchanting “Dance of Seduction” are included from Lindy’s solo album, “Ten Days in Magic Land”. The epic “Mosul” is from Lindy’s second solo album, the conceptual“Bride in Legend”. There is even a glimpse into the future with“Puzzle” and the folksy“Seeds on the Ground” from the at the time not yet released album, “Seeds on the Ground”.
The complex rhythms, the brilliant song writing, and the outstanding musicianship from the earlier CDs are all clearly evident here, they have just been amplified, intensified. Unless you are planning a trip to China in the near future, this may be your only chance to witness the incredible depth, fire and passion that is Cold Fairyland Live.



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